Aqua Reign is a revolutionary water display designed to grab your attention. This innovative system controls thousands of water droplets, releasing them in sequence to create breathtaking moving images. This system not only captures your attention but leaves you in amazement. The system can display images of just about anything. From logos to text, our system will get your company’s message across. Our system is the most flexible on the market, requiring no outside water sources or outrageous power requirements. Our innovative design also allows it do come in just about any length thanks to our proprietary sequencing 31.5” modules which connect together in lengths over 100 feet without the need of outrageous power requirements. Learn more!  

Feb / 22

The Ultimate Announcement Machine

It is the car that is the heartbeat of BMW, the 3-Series. It is BMW’s best selling vehicle and a 22-time winner of car and drivers 10-best (2nd of all time). After 7 years of development, BMW was ready to reveal the next generation 3 and when they did, they wanted to make a splash […]


Feb / 10

Odds are in Aqua Reign’s Favor

Aqua Reign in the Casino! Extravagant and sophisticated- the Aqua Reign system transformed the room. Placed in the middle of the action, it was a safe bet to permanently install it. Running steadily all day and night, it’s no matter of luck that the system is so reliable. The ornate water display never ceases to […]

Feb / 1

Entertain the Entertainers

Yes, even the top entertainment company in the world, AEG utilizes the Aqua Reign system to entertain the world’s greatest entertainers. AEG wanted a compact system to display at their posh Grammy party located in the heart of LA Live. Even with tough restrictions, the flexibility of the Aqua Reign system was able to be […]