There are many benefits to becoming a distributor of Aqua Reign. Aqua Reign is a unique product that dazzles its viewers and brings the attention wanted by your customers. We are currently accepting applications for territories world-wide.


All distributors are required to carry the following (minimum):

  • A 4.8 Meter (15.75 foot) system (6 sections) in stock for rentals and demos.
  • No rebranding (White Labeling) of the system is allowed in any form. All materials, collateral, machine labeling, spec sheets, distribution website, etc., must retain the standards of the Aqua Reign brand.


  • Geographical territories are covered by only one distributor (thus protecting you from internal competition).
  • A unique (and patented) system that can be used in almost any environment and for a wide variety of businesses (in both size and type of work).
  • A flexible solution that can be rented or installed permanently.
  • Easy to set up without the need of special power or plumbing.
  • Access to all Aqua Reign trade shows, training, trouble-shooting and collateral.
  • Each additional system purchased (after the initial required system) qualifies for a distribution discount.

To learn more about becoming a distributor, CONTACT US.