The Aqua Reign living water display draws crowds and creates instant captive audiences wherever it is used – making it ideal for exhibitions, shopping malls, reception areas, conferences, and countless other entertainment and leisure uses. Easy to install and use, it is perfect for making instant impact and bringing water to life in a truly unique way.


The Aqua Reign display can be customized to create stunning displays of light and water, with any image desired.The display system is available for rental or sale.
State-of-the-Art Las Vegas Casinos, BMW, Monster Energy, AEG and many others (both small and large) have used our system to wow customers at their events and businesses. Give us a call or fill out our form to get a free quote for your upcoming event or a quote to wow your customers for years to come with a permanent installation.




Power Requirements

Standard 120 Volt outlet

Module Dimensions

H 8″ (20.3cm), W 6″ (10cm), L 34.5″ (0.8m)


Each 31.5in module can be attached to the next for various lengthsHeight can be adjusted for a wide range of uses.


Various lighting can be implemented to enhance effect.

Water Consumptiom

The system recycles its water consumption.


Can be attached to trussing or installed permanently.


Our living water display is new valve technology that creates millions of tiny illuminated water droplets cascading to the ground forming logos and word in mid-air.


A living water display.
Show graphics, logos and words in water! Available for rental or purchase.
Wow factor.
The display may be incorporated into various applications or scenes.
The system is scalable.
Can be used for very large to small displays.
The connectable modules are 31.5″ (.8m) long x 6″ (10cm) wide x 8″ (20.3cm) tall.
Programs in minutes.
Tiny water droplets form large images mid-air.
No special power is required.
The system uses a standard 120 watt outlet.
Easy to use.
A 16′ system can be set up in 1 hour with two people.