Our flexible system was overbuilt to withstand years of trouble free use. There is no special “permanent” system that needs to be purchased. The same robust system is used for both rental and permanent installations. All that is needed to install a system permanently is some additional planning. This usually consists of simple electrical plans and basic plumbing for extended use.

Have Questions? We thought you might…

How much does it cost to purchase the system for permanent installation?

Each application is unique. The cost is dependent on a few factors but mostly on length of the system. Additionally, some basic electrical, plumbing and water treatment requirements will need to be added by the owner prior to installation. Please feel free to contact us so we can get to understand your application and provide you with an accurate quote.

What if we encounter a problem with the system?

Almost any issue is covered in the 2 days of training that’s included when a system is purchased also each of our permanently installed systems comes with one year of tech support. Should you encounter any issues, our team of highly trained experts will be able to assist.

Is there any maintenance that needs to be performed on the system?

Our system is build to withstand years of use however, much like a car, some maintenance is required to ensure your system runs to its peak performance for years to come. Maintenance typically consist of cleaning valves, changing filters and maintaing the right water balance. Expert maintenance contracts are available. Contact us for more details on how to maintain your machine.

What do I need to prepare so that the system can be properly installed?

You will need to have electrical and plumbing prepared prior to the installation. Power consists of a standard 120 Volt outlet. Water is needed to replenish the system due to evaporation. We recommend finding a local water treatment company to help manage hard water, algae and bacteria, unless a maintenance contract is purchased. Please contact us for exact specifications for your application.

How long does it take to permanently install an Aqua Reign system?

On average it takes about two days to install once the wiring and plumbing have been properly installed. It may take longer depending how large the system and complexity of the installation. Contact us for more details.

Check out some pictures of our permanent installations: